5 Best Niche Job Search Engines & Boards

5 Best Niche Job Sites and Boards

This list of the top 5 niche job search engines has everything you need for a quick and simple pathway to employment. 

  1. Ranchwork
  2. RemoteOk
  3. ABATherapistJobs
  4. SEOJobs
  5. CoolWorks

1. Ranchwork

Ranchwork is the most popular job search engine for farm/ranch workers. The site features opportunities in farming, hunting, general outdoors, and equestrian employment.

All listings are posted and hand-verified to ensure potential candidates only see real jobs. This site has an old-fashioned but easy to use interface.

2. RemoteOk

Remote Ok is a remote job board with a strong tech focus. Over 2 million job seekers use the site every month, where they are connected to employers.

Job seekers can use their search engine’s customized job keyword filter for free to find jobs relevant to their expertise.

Pieter Levels, a Dutch programmer, designer, and entrepreneur launched the job board in 2015. Some of the world’s biggest companies like Amazon, ESPN, and Stripe use the site to post jobs.

3. ABATherapistJobs.com

ABATherapistJobs.com is a job board focused on ABA therapist jobs (unsurprisingly). Applied behavior analysis is a behavioral therapy that helps children with autism gain social skills.

Josh Ternyak, an American programmer and entrepreneur, launched the job board in 2022 to help behavior analysts and behavior technicians find high-paying jobs in the field of ABA. Job seekers can use the site’s job filters for free to find jobs relevant to their expertise.

Visit the founder Josh Ternyak's website to learn more: joshternyak.com.

4. SEOJobs.com

SEOJobs.com features search engine optimization jobs across the world. Job seekers can find remote and in-office employment opportunities on the site.

The site was founded in 2010 and re-launched in 2021, and now helps thousands of job seekers find high-paying employment opportunities in the SEO industry.

The SEO job board curates listings from thousands of businesses around the globe, and the team at SEOJobs.com also hand-verifies each listing before publication.

5. CoolWorks.com

Since 1995, CoolWorks has been connecting people seeking exciting and meaningful work with the employers who are looking for their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm.

The founders of CoolWorks.com believe that you can and should love your life (and work), and they want to make that a reality. 

Job seekers can find job opportunities in a variety of places - from dude ranches to ski resorts, summer camps to national parks.