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At Unchained, our mission is to help bitcoin holders achieve unprecedented financial freedom and control. Unchained products include originating loans backed by bitcoin, providing multi-signature vaults utilizing collaborative custody, and trading bitcoin directly to and from vaults with keys that you control. We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager who wants to help us build innovative bitcoin native financial products.

Unchained is a trusted brand building trust minimized products on top of bitcoin. Private key ownership and usage is at the center of everything we do.  Whether a company is managing its treasury or an individual is holding for the future, we believe in customers participating in their private key security. This presents hard problems to solve that include solutions directly tied to bitcoin’s multisig properties and more traditional software permission controls.  The Product Manager role offers an opportunity to help us through our entire product suite, ensuring you’ll be solving novel problems with few, if any, comparables.

You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot at Unchained.  You can expect in your first year:

  • First Month: Get onboarded and learn about our current roadmap and plans.  You’ll spend a lot of time with our design and engineering teams, the Head of Product, and founders, to understand our product suite and unique challenges.  While learning is the focus this month, you can expect to contribute both to how we build products (process), and write your first functional spec during this time.
  • Next 3 Months: You’ll narrow down your focus to a few specific features.  You’ll be responsible for research/planning, functional specification, and nurturing the project through to completion.  You’ll start meeting customers and be fully engaged with building new products.
  • Next 8 Months: You’ll have a solid rapport with all of the engineers, will be presenting product plans to stakeholders in sales and marketing, and will have made your stamp on the product by shipping every month.  You’ll also be making a big impact on the day to day operations of the product and engineering teams by contributing to our development processes and managing projects over a large surface area.

What you’ll do:

  • Write detailed functional specifications for both engineers and designers
  • Communicate with sales, marketing, and operations teams as inputs for priority
  • Communicate with clients for both troubleshooting purposes and for greenfield research
  • Build a product roadmap, maintain a backlog of projects, and manage the priorities for engineers and designers
  • Define and monitor metrics where appropriate to measure the overall impact of new features
  • Partner with third party product and engineering teams for integrations

What we want to see:

We are looking for someone decidedly technical for this role. Experience as a product manager or developer on technical products such as enterprise APIs or cloud infrastructure will make strong candidates. Familiarity with React, python, and PostgreSQL also a plus.

  • 6+ years experience in a product management role (engineers that have transitioned to product management are also encouraged to apply)
  • Experience building web applications
  • A deep understanding of bitcoin; both technically and as money
  • Excellent spec-writing and UX skills  
  • An organized and schedule driven mindset

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please apply!

The strongest candidates will include a cover letter that addresses:

  • Why do you want to work at Unchained Capital? What about this job description appealed to you?
  • What do you find exciting about bitcoin? What articles or writers have helped you on your bitcoin journey?

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Date Posted
December 30, 2023
Work Type
Full Time